WW archive > Issue 400 - 20 September 2001


Fear of war; Unison left; Betrayal; Non-defence; Non-understanding

Against reactionary anti-capitalism

December 1 conference

SWP balks

New PCC elected

SW Platform break unity agreement

Extract from the internal bulletin of the Scottish Socialist Party written by national secretary Allan Green

Our history Labour Party debate: Against affiliation

Debate around affiliation to the Labour Party was the most controversial at the Communist Unity Convention (later known as the CPGB?s 1st Congress). After the speech of comrade JF Hodgson for Proposition A - ie, ?That the Communist Party shall be affiliated to the Labour Party? - the chair, Arthur MacManus, called on comrade William Paul - a leading member of the Communist Unity Group and member of the Provisional Executive Committee of the CPGB - to speak for Proposition B, ?That the Communist Party shall not be affiliated with the Labour Party.? This is an edited version of his speech.


Useful debate

SWP response


Mayor poll boycott

War drive - our response

Our members? aggregate was held in London on September 16. Mary Godwin reports

Main enemy is at home

The sound of apologetics

James Mallory assesses the response to the events of September 11 from the SWP

Response to US events Horror and hypocrisy

Socialist Alliance executive statement

Party notes

400th issue


SWP evades argument

Racism demands class response


US attacks strain relations

TUC shuts up shop

Bureaucracy bows to warmongers

Fundamentalists and imperialism

Farooq Tariq, general secretary of the Labour Party Pakistan, describes the anti-American mood amongst ordinary Pakistanis

Most important task

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