December 1 conference

The first bulletin for the December 1 conference on the way ahead for the SA has been posted out this week. It contains contributions to the debate on structure, the current constitution, proposed alternatives, amendments and separate motions. All national members should receive their copy soon. Here is an extract from the bulletin, outlining how the conference will work.

Structure of the conference

After opening remarks, which may include fraternal greetings from other organisations, the conference will be formally structured around amending the current constitution, a copy of which is contained in this bulletin, and which can also be accessed on our website at

The conference will essentially fall into three sessions following the opening remarks. In the first session there will be debate around broadly retaining the current constitution or accepting one of the ?delete all and insert? amendments which have been tabled. At present three different ?delete all? amendments have been proposed. Once the conference has decided whether to broadly retain the existing constitution or to adopt one of the ?delete all? amendments there will be a second session which will allow for detailed amendment of whichever option has been selected from the first section. There will then be a third session which will allow for resolutions to be moved relating to structure which will not become part of the formal constitution if passed.

On the other hand, you may prefer to submit specific amendments which relate to the original constitution and/or one or more of the ?delete all? amendments. If your amendment relates to the existing constitution, you must indicate which section you are amending. If your amendment relates to one or more of the ?delete all? amendments, you will need to indicate which ?delete all? amendment(s) you are amending, and which section within the ?delete all? amendment(s) you are amending.

If you have an amendment you wish to move at the conference, please forward it either by e-mail to and mark it ?FAO CAC?, or send it to FAO CAC, Socialist Alliance, Wickham House, 10 Cleveland Way, London E1 4TR, but these must reach us by Friday November 2. All new amendments will be posted on the Socialist Alliance website.