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Anarcho-elitism; Nazi plot; SA programme; Renewing; Multiculturalism; Anarcho-apologia

For a democratic and effective Socialist Alliance

Fighting for unity

Our history Parliament debate: The amendments

After an overwhelming 186 to 19 vote in support of the principle of parliamentary action, the delegates to the 1st Congress of the CPGB, the Communist Unity Convention (July 31-August 1 1920), reconvened to consider amendments. The first two were rather trivial and were lost. The third, even though it was confused, was of more interest simply because it provoked a debate around the crucial question of centralism versus localism. The fact that there were advocates of the latter shows that there were still many in the newly formed CPGB who had not grasped the real function and nature of a Communist Party, which because its aim is revolution must have the highest degree of centralism, while allowing considerable autonomy in the way central decisions are carried out. On being put to the vote, the final amendment, calling on elected representatives who violated Party decisions to resign, was carried by 84 votes to 54.

SWP knuckles rapped

Tensions have arisen within the Scottish Socialist Party between the leadership and the former members of the Socialist Workers Party in Scotland, now organised as the Socialist Worker Platform. In line with SWP national priorities, SW Platform members have organised rallies to relaunch the Anti-Nazi League in Scotland - without engaging in meaningful consultations with the SSP national committee. SSP national secretary Allan Green has distributed this damming internal report. While correctly criticising the SW Platform?s failure to consult and act as SSP members first and foremost, he makes too much of alleged differences in the situation north and south of the border - the BNP is no more a real force in England and Wales than it is in Scotland. The insistence that the ANL must be downgraded therefore has as much to do with a separatist agenda and a wish to see the ?tartanisation? of those formally committed to all-Britain unity.

Welsh socialist alliance

Gearing up for assembly contest

For a Welsh Socialist Party

Cymru Goch calls for WSA members to set up a left nationalist party committed to independence

Democracy or anarchism

Eddie Ford looks at the ideas of Mikhail Bakunin

Towards a republican socialist party

Dave Craig introduces the Revolutionary Democratic Group?s proposals for the December 1 conference

Socialist Alliance Cementing unity

Executive maps way ahead

Prisoners? struggle Refusing to surrender

The London section of the Turkish left group, the Revolutionary People?s Liberation Front (DHKC), replies to criticisms of the death fast tactic, contained in ?Marxists and the politics of suicide? (Weekly Worker August 23)

Which way for the Socialist Alliance?

The CPGB?s Communist University hosted a roundtable discussion between three leading figures in the Socialist Alliance - Rob Hoveman (Socialist Workers Party), John Bridge (CPGB) and Dave Church (Walsall Democratic Labour Party). These are edited extracts from their initial comments and are followed by responses to the subsequent discussion

Death fasts Marxists and the politics of suicide

Aziz Demir analyses the class background to the hunger strike by political prisoners

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