For a democratic and effective Socialist Alliance

The Socialist Alliance has grown and developed through our collective experience of the general election. We are now a registered political party and have the beginnings of a national profile, national leadership and we have our democratically agreed manifesto. To fight for our manifesto (which culminates in socialism), we must move beyond our present structures. We need an effective and therefore democratic organisation.

The Socialist Alliance is more than an electoral organisation. We need to take initiatives in all fields of society.

The Socialist Alliance should neither be bureaucratically controlled from above nor limited to an ineffective non-aggression pact.

We need democratic unity above and below. The SA needs clear central priorities with local autonomy and democratic rights for members.

The Socialist Alliance should strive for maximum unity in action through debate at the highest level involving a broad, wide-ranging and inclusive discussion. The Socialist Alliance should strive to ensure that all significant trends find representation on leading committees.

Making the Socialist Alliance an effective weapon in the struggle for socialism means that all members must enjoy the following rights:

Initial signatories