Communist University 2001

August 4-11, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex

Much of the left still seems to regard disagreement and controversy as something to be avoided like the plague. There have been some encouraging signs that, with the Socialist Alliance project now beginning to consolidate and take outline form as a party, this allergy will become a thing of the past.

A glance at the itineraries of the forthcoming educational schools of most of our SA bloc partners underlines that there is still quite a way to go, however. In contrast, the Communist Party organises a week of genuine controversy and debate at its annual Communist University. We try to identify key areas of disagreement - sometimes within our own organisation - and set up discussions where positions can be interrogated. People learn more from a clash of opinions than from the simple exposition of a single viewpoint.

Confirmed speakers so far include Hillel Ticktin on ?The Bolshevik revolution?, Workers Power on ?Factionalism and party regimes?, comrades from the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran on the implications of the recent presidential election in Iran, the Alliance for Workers? Liberty on ?The SA, the trade unions and Labour?, plus sessions on ?Scotland and the UK state?, ?Anti-capitalism?, ?Sport and the working class?, ?Green politics?, and ?The left and Europe?.

Places are limited for this residential school. Send ?15 (Party members and supporters: ?5) to secure your place for the full week. Details of full costings for the week and for individual sessions will appear on our website from June 26 and in next week?s paper.