WW archive > Issue 365 - 21 December 2000

Socialist Alliance

With the general election just a few months away, the Socialist Party core leadership of Peter Taaffe and Lynn Walsh has decided upon a course of brinkmanship. At the executive meeting of the Socialist Alliance on December 16, representatives of the SP anarchistically demanded the right to unilaterally declare Socialist Alliance candidates. This is a flagrant breach of our election protocol democratically agreed at the September 30 conference at Coventry.


Hackney update; Tiny bands?; IBT cult; If you say so; Republican party; Still at it

Witch-hunters, censorship and the holocaust

Norman G Finkelstein The holocaust industry: reflections on the exploitation of Jewish suffering Verso 2000, pp150, £16.00

For a united Socialist Alliance

The Revolutionary Democratic Group argues for a conciliatory attitude towards the Socialist Party

Political prisoners in Turkey

Vicious state assault resisted

Bush faces paralysis

Working class opportunity

Karl Marx and religion

Tories in disarray

Playing the race card


Christianity and the decline of Rome


Revolutionary life, revolutionary legacy

CPGB aggregate

Party pushes for unity

Workers' Liberty backs federal republic call

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