WW archive > Issue 351 - 14 September 2000

Petrol protests: Jacobin rage

New Labour confronts its gravest crisis. There can be no doubting the seriousness of the situation triggered by the current wave of protests. Not only have petrol pumps run dry, but the government has assumed emergency powers to ensure deliveries of fuel...


LSA defiance; LSA slogans; Left mindset; Loaded; Access denied; Barricades; Nation-state; Comintern; Cults; Correction

Nader builds third force

Green-blue challenge to big two

LSA reports

Tactical debates

Theoretically disabled polemic

Peter Taaffe Cuba - socialism and democracy CWI Publications, London 2000, pp124, £4.99

Ernest assessment

Gilbert Achcar (ed) The legacy of Ernest Mandel Verso, London 1999, pp270, $45

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