WW archive > Issue 349 - 31 August 2000


SSP diktat; Lone 'Voice'; Childish; Asylum-seekers; Fair cop; Intellectuals

Socialist Alliances

The next steps

Renewing the struggle

Dale McKinley has just been expelled from the South African Communist Party - for daring to criticise the neo-liberal policies of the ANC government, in which the SACP plays a prominent role. Peter Manson spoke to him for the Weekly Worker

Factional mindsets ... and new realities

Allan Armstrong, co-editor of Republican Communist, quarterly magazine of the Republican Communist Network, and a member of the left nationalist Communist Tendency, replies to criticisms of political bias

Fighting Blairism and left unity

Chris Bambery, national secretary of the Socialist Workers Party, addressed the CPGB's Communist University on the crucial issues of anti-capitalism and building socialist alliances

Marx and ecology

In the first of three articles, Michael Malkin examines the relationship between humanity and nature in the thought of Karl Marx

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