WW archive > Issue 324 - 24 February 2000


Gobsmacked; No platform; Usual suspects; LSA rally; Dual power; Section 28; RCN aggression

Against independence, for a federal republic

Marxists start their immediate programme not with nations, but the enemy state, says Jack Conrad

Marx and free speech

For our ideas to blossom, we have to argue against censorship, says Eddie Ford

McCombes and his Liliputian dystopia

Jack Conrad critises the national socialist plans of the SSP

North West

Drawing in other forces

Fighting elections

Jack Conrad In the enemy camp November Publications London 1992, pp142, £4.95

LSA makes its mark

London rally for unity and socialism

Judge Livingstone on his GLA slate

Socialist greetings

The LSA agreed to send this solidarity message to the Scottish Socialist Party conference this weekend

Harry who?

Party notes

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