WW archive > Issue 322 - 10 February 2000


Ethical praxis; Hadrian's socialism; Republic and RCN

Stress unity, not difference

LSA secretary outlines his views Greg Tucker is a candidate on the London Socialist Alliance slate to contest May's elections to the GLA. A member of the International Socialist Group (British section of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International), he spoke to Peter Manson

CPGB aggregate

Rapprochement - one step forward

Eleventh hour conversion at CPB Star

GLA news in brief

Brent and Harrow

Workers' party for Russia

Oleg Shein is the only revolutionary Marxist in the new state duma of Russia. Elected in the Astrakhan region, he is a member of the Movement for a Workers' Party, closely aligned to the militant trade union grouping Zashchita (Defence). This interview, conducted by Steve Myers and translated by Steve Kerr, has been distributed on the Iskra internet discussion list

Socialist Scotland and the dual power republic

Lenin prioritised the fight for a bourgeois republic, argues Dave Craig

AWL contradictions

Phil Watson points to inconsistencies in the statements of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty and calls for an open accounting of the errors of auto-Labourism

Network launched in England

Defending Candy Udwin and Dave Carr

Our anti-fascism and theirs

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