WW archive > Issue 317 - 16 December 1999

Challenge to London unity

The fight for principled left unity in London to present an electoral challenge to Blair’s Labour has received a setback. The determination of the CATP to press ahead regardless of the plans of others is wrong


Blank cheque; Auto-leftism; Imagined; Essence; SSP purge; Groundless

Harry’s game

Party notes

Scargill’s GLA slate

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Faction ended

Capitalism and its decline

Many in the workers’ movement now accept what are erroneously called market values. So is capitalism set to dominate the 21st century? Did Marxism get it wrong about the decadence or decline of capitalism? Hillel Ticktin addressed the CPGB’s Communist University earlier this year on these and other questions.

Red-brown cesspit

Michael Malkin examines the Great Russian chauvinism and anti-semitism of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Change and flux

Danny Hammill reviews 'Almost like a whale: The origin of species updated' by Steve Jones

Banal identity reasoning

Phil Watson reviews 'John Coltrane and the jazz revolution of the 1960s' by Frank Kofsky

Passion for change

John Walsh reviews 'All power to the imagination' by Dave Douglass


Economic and technology revolution lays basis for communism, argues Dave Craig

Strategy and tactics

Has the Weekly Worker “collapsed into shabby opportunism” over Ken Livingstone’s bid to become London mayor? Maurice Bernal responds to some criticisms

Stakes are high

Left debates attitude toward Livingstone

Not promising

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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