WW archive > Issue 297 - 15 July 1999

Labourism or communism?


You name ’em; Strange appeal; Tiny Serbia; Fit of pique; Transitional; Soft underbelly; A bit dim; Full Marx

Controversy at CPGB aggregate

Robertson’s loyal opposition, part two: Degenerate cults

Ian Donovan concludes his discussion of the International Bolshevik Tendency and the ‘Spartacist tradition’

CPGB draft programme and criminal justice: Communist response

The means or the end?

Phil Sharpe contrasts Dave Craig’s views on revolutionary democracy with those of Trotsky

Downhill to Kautsky

Left unity forum launched

The knot tightens

Michael Malkin discusses the growing threat to the Milosevic regime in Serbia

Slogans combined

Lessons of Iran

Trotsky on China, 1928

International campaign to defend Iranian students

More resignations

Pat Strong of the Socialist Party - Fight for revolutionary programme

Approach too late

Former Labour MEP Christine Oddy responds to West Midlands Socialist Alliance claims that she had rejected unity moves

Every little helps

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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