WW archive > Issue 289 - 20 May 1999

SLP wreckers fail in Coventry


Ineffective left; Ill-thought; Tippexed out; No guarantee; Subordinated


Party notes

SPEW’s empty words

Kosova Liberation Army

Spontaneous economism and the challenge of revolutionary democracy - part two

Marxism and national self-determination

Exposing the fault lines

Philip Bounds reviews 'The origins of postmodernity' by Perry Anderson (Verso 1998, pp143, £11) and 'The cultural turn: selected writings on the postmodern 1983-1998' by Frederic Jameson (Verso 1998, pp206, £11)

Enriched pit culture

Dave Douglass reviews 'The Foreigner' by Paul Cox


Courtney Pine Band at the Liverpool Philharmonic

Dr Who socialism

Delphi replies to Royston Bull, former vice-president of the Socialist Labour Party

Shadowing Blair

SWP and bourgeois anti-racism

Final sprint

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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