WW archive > Issue 277 - 25 February 1999

Smash all immigration controls

National chauvinism, not racism, is today the bourgeoisie’s main ideological weapon. And, for all their official anti-racism, the police remain an organ of the chauvinist state


Check your facts; Scargill in power?; Latter-day Sparts


Party notes

Free Kurdistan!

‘Union’ Jack and defence of the British ‘nation’ - part 2

Allan Armstrong of the SSP completes his response to Jack Conrad’s ‘Unenlightened myths’ (Weekly Worker November 19 1998)

Determinist dogma

Phil Sharpe replies to the economistic inevitabilism of Socialist News writer Don Hoskins

Challenge for working class

Genetically modified food

Second time farce?

The March meeting of Socialist Alliances must not end without agreement again

Keep left unity on track


Robbert Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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