Draft rules for the Network of Socialist Alliances

Submitted by LSA for discussion, November 22 1998


The following represents arrangements to allow socialists and socialist organisations to work together under one loose federal structure in agreed common actions. It is recognised that differences will exist. This should not be a barrier to electoral arrangements, campaigning or open and frank exchange of views. The Network will encourage and facilitate debate and the process of clarification. Our principle is inclusion, not exclusion. Through joint work and no-holds-barred discussions genuine trust can develop. It is therefore hoped that the individuals and groups involved will move closer and towards a higher organisational structure.

Clause 1. Name

Network of Socialist Alliances (hereinafter called the Network)

Clause 2. Objectives

1. To bring together through affiliation, national, regional and local political organisations and individuals for the purpose of establishing a socialist society. The Network considers:

a. Socialism and democracy are inseparable.
b. Socialism is conquered by the working class. It cannot be delivered from on high.
c. Socialism is international or it is nothing.

2. The Network will fight for the maximum democracy under existing social conditions - ie, capitalism. In particular:

a. Abolition of the monarchy, the House of Lords and all constitutional hereditary privileges.
b. For an immediate end to British rule in Ireland. For the right of Scotland and Wales to self-determination.
c. For the closest political and organisational unity of the working class.
d. Support for all campaigns that seek to advance the interests of the people - economically, politically and environmentally.

3. To work with other national or international organisations in pursuit of these objectives.

Clause 3. Membership and membership conditions

1. Membership of the Network shall consist of:

a. Affiliated national organisations.
b. Affiliated local, regional and single-issue organisations.
c. Local or regional Socialist Alliances.
c. Individual members.

2. Membership shall be open to all within the United Kingdom who agree to the rules and accept the objectives of the Network.

Clause 4. Subscriptions

1. Annual membership subscriptions shall be as follows:

a. Affiliated national organisation: £50.
b. Other affiliated organisations and Socialist Alliances: £10.
c. Individual member £6 (£3 unwaged), to include annual subscription to The All Red and Green.

2. When an organisation or individual fails to renew their annual subscription their membership shall be deemed to have lapsed after two months.

Clause 5. Organisation

1. There shall be an annual conference called by the Network Liaison Committee or a special conference at the demand of a third of affiliated Socialist Alliances.

2. Conferences of the Network shall be open to individual members and individual members of affiliated organisations, but voting delegates shall be on the following basis:

a. Affiliated national organisations: two delegates.
b. Affiliated local, regional or single-issue organisations: one delegate.
c. Local Socialist Alliances: one delegate per 10 members.
d. Regional or metropolitan Socialist Alliances: one delegate per 100 members.

3. Voting shall be by a simple majority. The role of the annual conference shall be to:

a. Debate and express a view of political questions.
b. Change the rules and objectives of the Network.

4. The Liaison Committee shall be responsible for the administration and day-to-day running and promotion of the Network. The Liaison Committee shall elect and remove officers as it so chooses. The Liaison Committee shall consist of elected and recallable delegates on the following basis:

a. Affiliated national organisations: one delegate (plus one observer with speaking rights).
b. Regional, metropolitan and local Socialist Alliances: one delegate per 20 members.

5. The Liaison Committee shall present audited accounts to the annual conference.

6. Standing orders for the purpose of conducting conferences of the Network and the Liaison Committee may be adopted by resolution of a conference of the Network.

Clause 6: Electoral arrangements

The Network shall facilitate and coordinate the electoral work or regional and local Socialist Alliances. It shall encourage the biggest possible socialist challenge in local, regional, national and European elections.