WW archive > Issue 257 - 24 September 1998

TUC on its knees

Blair may have sent a batch of his ministers to last week’s TUC. But his plans for the realignment of British politics include the complete marginalisation of the unions


What next?; Baggage; Mish-mash; Late post

Euro-election fund

Party notes

“Miserable hacks of the ruling class”

From ‘The Call’, paper of the British Socialist Party, September 26 1918

End state abuse

One more time

Mark Osborn of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty replies to recent articles by Don Preston

Uncontrollable forces

Michael Malkin discusses the crisis of global financial markets

Behind the mask of Trotskyism

Reply to Ian Donovan of ‘Revolution and Truth’. Part three: self-liberation, democracy and economism

Party aggregate

Compromise solution

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Prozac elections

As Australia goes to the polls, central questions are ignored

Regular money

Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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