WW archive > Issue 245 - 18 June 1998

World Cup chauvinism

Rioting England fans have set back Labour’s ‘Cool Britannia’ project


Volte-face?; Unthinkable; Capitalism with parks; SML and Kautsky

Quiet down below

Party notes

While our planet turns

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, June 13 1918

Freedom for Kosovo!

Independence fight

Workers’ unity, not national socialism

Peter Taaffe and Scottish Militant Labour are on the verge of divorce. But this is no private affair. Shamefully in the name of defending Marxism both sides want to break up the historically constituted working class in Britain along nationalist lines

For inclusion

Martin Ralph of the International Socialist League joins the debate on Socialist Alliances

Youth section stillborn

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Don’t rock the boat

Around the left

No maximum

Summer Offensive ’98

For a centralised republic

Reaction raises its ugly head in Australia

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