WW archive > Issue 239 - 07 May 1998

State attacks right to think

There is a hidden agenda of censorship behind the chorus of outrage over the Mary Bell biography


Spurious argument; Workers Power ‘solidarity’; Scargillism lives

Fight nationalist poison

Party notes

The wish father to the thought

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, May 9 1918

Germany - SPD follows New Labour lead

Referendum silence

Around the left

Pooling our strength

Danny Hammill reports on the May 3 London Socialist Alliance election meeting

Delivering the masses

In the second of three articles on South Africa Peter Manson looks at the role of the South African Communist Party

Cold War babies

Phil Watson reviews ‘Children of the revolution - communist childhood in Cold War Britain’ by Phil Cohen

Reviving the political

‘Seeing red’ is a festival of new political plays sponsored and produced by the multi-award winning Red Room. It brings together 16 of the most interesting and thought-provoking voices in British theatre, among them Peter Barnes, Kay Adshead, Judy Upton and Roddy McDevitt. Marking the 30th anniversary of the revolutionary situation in France and the 1st anniversary of the New Labour government, the season is designed to bring the political back into theatre. Jack Conrad spoke to Lisa Goldman, the Red Room’s artistic director

Make your pledge

Summer Offensive ’98

Fight for revolutionary internationalism

As Europe unites from above, so must those below

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