Tarnished image

Report on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

It’s an expensive business, dreaming up new policies. Lord Irvine, the cabinet’s law officer, has just announced that he is to spend £2.5 million creating a think tank “to help reinforce his role on the cusp of government”. 

£2.5 million which will not be spent on single mothers, disabled people or the unemployed, but on some overpaid spin doctors. Even the royal family is thinking of recruiting one - at a salary of about £150,000.

The desperate search for a better image reflects the ruling class’s fear of losing control. But it’s money well spent, if it ensures the oppressed do not fight back and instead accept their position.

The Weekly Worker exposes the reality behind the image. It is not however a passive commentator on events. As the collective organiser of the Communist Party of Great Britain, it reports on the fight to reforge the Party as the mass, revolutionary democratic formation our class so desperately needs.

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