WW archive > Issue 229 - 26 February 1998

‘Peace’ process settlement near

Despite the bombs Sinn Fein will be back in the talks in time to hear the final proposals


Ideology and race; Steven Kitson; Political prisoner

The sound of silence

Party notes

The last war

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, February 21 1918

Don't fear the reefer

The ‘war against drugs’

New threat to liberty

Sectarian isolation

Around the left

Clique politics

Socialist Perspectives

Scare stories

Simon Harvey of the SLP

In the sectarian swamp

John Stone of the Liaison Committee for a Revolutionary Communist International looks at the further degeneration of the Workers Power group

Morning Star strike begins

War threat remains

Iraq retreats, but imperialist build-up continues

United left response

Tarnished image

Report on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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