WW archive > Issue 227 - 12 February 1998

London Left Unity

Last week’s launch of the all-London Socialist Alliance signals the start of a real fightback against Blair


Unjustified attack ; Rotten actions ; Dockers’ hard decision; Riding roughshod

Morning Star readers in the dark

Socialist Alliances and rapprochement

Party notes

Openness and organisation

The January 31 aggregate reunited the ranks of CPGB members

Communist rapprochement: Breaking new ground

Dave Craig examines the formation of the Revolutionary Democratic Communist Tendency

Revolutionary democracy

This, as amended, was agreed at the first aggregate meeting of the Revolutionary Democratic Communist Tendency

Workers of all countries, unite!

From ‘The Call’, paper of the British Socialist Party, February 7 1918

Left needs new framework

Expelled MEPs Ken Coates and Hugh Kerr write to Brent Socialist Alliance in response to its invitation to address the London SA launch meeting

Oppressors and oppressed unite?

Around the left

Class truths

Dave Douglass reviews James Cameron's ‘Titanic’ (1997, general release)

Harpal Brar and entryism

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Blair backs new Gulf slaughter

US air strikes against Baghdad could start within the week

Taking French lessons

Katrina Haynes reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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