The situation in Russia

From 'The Call', paper of the Britsih Socialist Party, June 21 1917

During last week consultations took place between representatives of the BSP and members of the editorial committee of the Paris Nashe Slovo and Nachalo, including comrades Losovsky, Grigoriev, Surov and Vladimirov, as well as comrade J Baum, who is in London on a brief unofficial visit from Petrograd.

The situation in Russia is extremely critical. The Russian workers are anxious to avoid a separate peace, but if the Revolution is to be saved war must be concluded, and they are united in determination not to shed their blood for the imperialist aims of the Entente powers.

On the other hand the Allied governments are pursuing a policy of procrastination with Russia in the hope of keeping her in the field until such time as American aid will balance her loss. The position of the Russians is tragical, and they are anxiously waiting for a response to their call from the western democrats.

Subsequently a meeting took place with the United Socialist Council, and useful and interesting information was given regarding the progress of the internationalist section in the French Socialist Party.