WW archive > Issue 197 - 26 June 1997

Tories regroup

Some on the left have wildly exaggerated the chances of a split in the ranks of the preferred party of the bourgeoisie


Wrong way round; Well ’ard; Missing the boat

Stifling debate in Scotland

Speaking for the establishment

Party notes

Bucket loads of hypocrisy

Open Polemic’s Bob Smith, former ‘representative’ member of the CPGB, mounts his charger once again

Signing up for democracy

Antithesis of communism

Pol Pot and the ‘killing fields’ of Kampuchea are meant to be a lesson in the evils of communism - or so we are told. Eddie Ford points to the true nature of the Khmer Rouge and what it really represented

Lining up with the establishment

Around the left

‘One day I’ll hav a proper job’

Danny Hammill reviews 'School’s out: poems for school' by Benjamin Zephaniah (AK Press 1997, pp56, £3.95)

The situation in Russia

From 'The Call', paper of the Britsih Socialist Party, June 21 1917

Climate of mistrust

Nick Wrack resigned as editor of Militant shortly before a special conference of Militant Labour voted to change the organisation’s name to ‘Socialist Party’ at the end of last year. His appearance at the June meeting of the SP’s National Committee caused some surprise, as many comrades were under the impression that he had stood down from that body too. His letter of resignation, reproduced here, has been circulating unofficially within the organisation. It demonstrates that the SP still has a long way to go to achieve the openness necessary in a democratic workers’ party

Drop the dead donkey

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group discusses why he is against a “Duma with full powers”

Call to SWP minority - ‘Fight openly’

Following the Socialist Workers Party’s decision to contest the Irish general election (see Weekly Worker June 12), a change in policy in Britain too now looks to be just a matter of time. For some time a minority of the SWP leadership, particularly Chris Harman, have been arguing for the organisation to stand its own candidates in elections, and occasionally veiled references to the internal opposition on the question have surfaced in the organisation’s journals. Tom Delargy was expelled from the SWP in 1987 for opposing the leadership and is now active in the Scottish Socialist Alliance. Below we reproduce extracts from the letter he sent to Socialist Worker just before the general election, in which he anticipates a change in line and calls on the organisation to drop its sectarian approach to the rest of the left

Marxist Bulletin joins witch hunt

An expelled member of Vauxhall CSLP and supporter of the Marxist Bulletin, Alan Gibson, tries to save himself by condemning his former comrades

Workers’ unity is central principle

Simon Harvey: SLP news and comment

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