WW archive > Issue 155 - 22 August 1996

New attack on union rights

London Underground drivers are divided again with the Aslef union accepting management’s latest deal and RMT rejecting by a 3:1 majority. As the Tories threaten to clamp down even harder on trade union rights RMT drivers are now left to go it alone


Ark of the covenant; Bad bombs; On howlers

Socialist News

Party notes

Turning back the clock

All out in Liverpool

General election strategy

SL Kenning looks at latest developments in the Socialist Labour Party

Class fighter

Obituary: Michael Fenn 1938-96

Unanswered questions

Around the left

Part Islam, part chauvinism

BBC chickens come home to roost

Exciting encounters

Phil Rudge reviews solo guitar improvisations 1975-1977 (Domestic and public, CD, Emanem 1995) and Improvisation: its nature and practice in music (The British Library, 1992, 2nd ed) by Derek Bailey

Lion’s meow

Tommy Sheridan: If I were prime minister (Channel 4, August 11)

Rapprochement debate crystallises

At the Communist University ‘96 rapprochement was on the top of the agenda. But there was no diplomatic truce and key areas of disagreement were fought out throughout the school in the context of many different areas of discussion

No middle way

Republicanism and democracy

SLP confusion and contortion

J Johnson of the Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International replies to Richard Brenner of Workers Power (Weekly Worker May 30), and gives his views on WP’s attitude to the SLP. The LCMRCI is a recent split from the WP international organisation

Labour’s referendum sop

The right to national self-determination

SSA forces Labour to fight

Postal strike escalates

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