WW archive > Issue 1494 - 06 June 2024

Breaking the grip of Zionism

There is a way out of the hell into which the Palestinian masses have been consigned by Israeli settler‑colonialism. Jack Conrad presents the communist solution


Manchester vote; Labour vote; Spart vote; Spart debate; RCP vote; No BDS; Lennon; Transitional

Muddying the message

In the end, Sir Keir bottled it and allowed Diane Abbott to stand, writes Eddie Ford. But will he have to pay a political price? Almost certainly, Sunak will exploit his dithering

Galloway’s motley crew

Economic nationalism and anti-war internationalism are combined together with social conservatism. Paul Demarty has a look at the Workers Party and its quirky slate of candidates

Rising above the smog

Dual power and the mass strike is a failed strategy that directly leads to today’s endlessly fragmented ‘far left’. Instead we need a mass Communist Party and a strategy of republican democracy. Mike Macnair replies to Steve Bloom

Another step towards the abyss

Donald Trump is now a convicted felon, but still looks set to win in November. Daniel Lazare warns that some kind of civil war beckons

Lining up to be president

Iran’s Islamic regime will ensure that the right man is ‘elected’ to replace Ibrahim Raisi. Yassamine Mather reports on what is for the moment a crowded field of candidates

Online Communist Forum, Sunday June 9 5pm

Thinking through Artificial Intelligence

Make up the deficit

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