WW archive > Issue 1493 - 30 May 2024

Banging the drums of war

Rishi Sunak’s dismal national service plan is certain to flop. However, Paul Demarty takes the opportunity to renew the call for a people’s militia


Sparts hammered; Never understood; Min or max?; Abolish prison; One republic; Hutzpah; Beyond misguided; Gloves are off; Keep ’em out

Alice in Wonderland

Record numbers have come over in small boats so far this year, while the Rwanda scheme seems like a dead duck. But, asks Eddie Ford, should the left support immigration controls, even if they are sugared as ‘non-racist’ immigration controls?

Playing word games

‘It’s only genocide when we say so’ - Daniel Lazare contrasts US grandstanding over Serbia and Xinjiang with its complicity in Israel’s war crimes in Gaza

Sir Keir’s little helpers

Behind the kitsch leftwing decoration there is anti-anti-imperialism, defence of Zionism and the aiding and abetting of the ‘anti-Semitism’ witch-hunt. Mike Macnair looks at one of those confessional sects calling for a blanket Labour vote

Not a zero-sum game

Capitalist solutions are no solution. Moshé Machover argues that only a regional socialist ferment can win Jewish-Israeli workers away from Zionism and the politics of national privilege

Muddleheaded Labourism

Vincent David of the Spartacist League central committee says any Labour vote is “crossing the class line” - even in the absence of an alternative left candidate. Instead he urges everyone to join Tusc’s dead-end Labour Party mark two project

Continuing a conversation

‘Bourgeois democracy’ is democratic and also undemocratic. But the term correctly captures the class nature of a particular form of state, insists Steve Bloom

University tops call cops

Inspiring and impressive. Yassamine Mather reports on the student protest camps in Oxford and the support they are getting from the staff and the town

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