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First, they came for …

The ban on Hizb ut-Tahrir demonstrates that our rulers have no effective way to control the Gaza narrative other than by legally silencing critics, argues Paul Demarty


Factional rights; Wiki factions; Faction free; Police attacks; Sunshine

A stale left in a tumultuous world

There were two topics on the agenda: the Israel-Gaza war and the coming general election. Scott Evans reports on the January 21 aggregate for CPGB members and supporters

Israel-Gaza war and communist strategy

Theses agreed by January 21 aggregate of CPGB members, including the two agreed amendments

Communist unity and its refuseniks

We must reject bureaucratic centralism, sects of one and diplomatic unity-mongering. Instead, we must uphold the right to engage in sharp polemics and form factions, says Mike Macnair. This is an edited version of his January 21 Online Communist Forum talk

All together against far right

A secret meeting of a dozen abhorrent rightwingers has finally given the establishment a rod with which to beat the AfD, writes Carla Roberts

Corrupt Dems hand Trump another win

Moves against the former president continue to backfire. Daniel Lazare reports on the Fani Willis case

Cruel and inefficient

Equality means good health outcomes, inequality bad health outcomes. Ian Spencer savages Labour’s Singapore plans

A comedy of errors

Vastly expensive, unsafe and inextricably linked to weapons of mass destruction - Eddie Ford rejects the madness of nuclear power

Rivals or allies?

It was not in revenge for Kerman. Yassamine Mather explains what really lay behind the recent missile attack on Pakistan

Online Communist Forum, Sunday January 28 5pm

Best possible deal

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