WW archive > Issue 1456 - 31 August 2023

The Soviet Union in history

Is there progress? There seems to be, in nature and likewise in society. But, argues Jack Conrad, there is retrogression, mutual exhaustion and extinction too


USSR positives; Party question; Oil, coal and gas; State interests; Free speech; George Shaw

Past, present and future

Scott Evans reports on a week of debate, engagement and thinking through the crucial questions of our time

From chef to payback

Eddie Ford gives his thoughts on the predictable death of Wagner’s public face and the likely culprit

Anti-Semitism of useful idiots

We need a principled defence of free speech and a firm grasp of geo-strategic realities. Mike Macnair discusses the case of David Miller


This is no time for degrowth, green reductionism or confining our ambitions to mere custodianship of nature, argues Daniel Lazare

New faces on the final frontier

India has joined the club of states to have landed spacecraft on the moon - a matter of geopolitics rather than scientific endeavour, suggests Paul Demarty

Online Communist Forum, Sunday September 3 5pm

A week in politics - political report from CPGB’s Provisional Central Committee and discussion

We did it!

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