WW archive > Issue 1455 - 10 August 2023

Other theories, other labels

If, after the launch of the first five-year plan, the Soviet Union cannot be classified as a workers’ state, what was it? Jack Conrad looks at some alternatives that have been offered by different schools of thought


My solution; Sustainable; Zetkin’s legacy; Confusion; Neo-Nazi Ukraine; George Shaw

Communist University 2023

A week of provocative and stimulating debates: Saturday August 12 to Saturday August 19 (inclusive)

Fuelling the politics of hate

Once again the Tories are targeting migrants. Bibby Stockholm is meant to serve as a deterrent but, in fact, it’s a political weapon designed to prevent electoral meltdown, argues Kevin Bean

Closer to the brink

Donald Trump faces numerous legal challenges. Despite that he runs neck-and-neck with Joe Biden in the polls and could well win the next presidential election. Daniel Lazare gives his take on the pending constitutional crisis

Gambler of Riyadh

From sportswashing to megacities: what is MBS up to? Paul Demarty investigates the grandiose Vision 2030

Empty promises, real threats

James Linney picks apart the NHS workforce plan and warns that Sir Keir’s Labour is committed to exactly the same agenda of privatisation and austerity

Blood on their hands

Ian Spencer examines the infected blood scandal. A tale of political incompetence, corporate greed, imperialism and extreme poverty

Celebrating a mass murderer

Christopher Nolan (screenplay/director) Oppenheimer Universal Pictures, general release

Land, sea and air records

Yet more grim statistics show that the planet is getting hotter and hotter, writes Eddie Ford. Meanwhile the Tories are denouncing eco-zealots, campaigning against Ulez and granting yet more oil and gas concessions

Summer Offensive: £7,000 still needed

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