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Silence on the alternative

Crimes, prejudice and sheer incompetence give added weight to the traditional republican slogan of a people’s militia, argues Mike Macnair. So why is the left so reluctant to make the call?


Broad front now; Bad medicine; Pathetic; Nasty ink blot; First person!; Not impressed; Fred’s friends

Drugs war and its failures

Scott Evans gives a critical welcome to the change in policy proposed by the Scottish government

King Brinkman in action

Erdoğan has run out of room for manoeuvre. Facing a major financial crisis, he had to accept Sweden’s Nato membership and pivot away from Moscow. Esen Uslu thinks there will be consequences, however

Skin colour or social class?

Liberal anti-racism inevitably engenders racism. Affirmative action is collapsing under the weight of its own internal contradictions, argues Daniel Lazare

Elon Musk’s Twitterdämmerung

The flashy launch of Threads demonstrates the web’s tendency towards monopoly, argues Paul Demarty

L-content and price

Moshé Machover expands on his arguments in favour of applying statistical reasoning to the problems of analysing capitalism at its most basic level

Sir Keir’s abstention disgrace

Labour’s official left either meekly followed orders or stayed away - there were less than a dozen rebels. David Porter of Labour Party Marxists reports

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