WW archive > Issue 1445 - 01 June 2023

Small choice between rotten apples

Though Erdoğan deserved to lose, the opposition did not deserve to win. Esen Uslu makes a call for the left to unite on a principled basis


IDpol; First casualty; Central issues; UK modernity?; More wokism?; Democracy; Workers’ list; Zionist defeat

Sir Humphreys vs Tory right

Some civil service mandarins have a different political agenda from their Tory ministers. Indeed, Eddie Ford suspects that the Labour shadow cabinet is far more to their liking

Fallen Phil and Teflon Don

With the Stormy Daniels indictment, the E Jean Carroll civil verdict and the whole eight-year-old campaign of lawfare against Trump, Paul Demarty asks why it makes no difference to his political prospects. Meanwhile, here in Britain, we have Phillip Schofield

J6ers await their pardon

Stewart Rhodes, leader of the Oath Keepers, has been handed a 18-year sentence. Daniel Lazare gives notice that the ultra-right combatants of Trump’s January 6 self-coup attempt could soon be free

Confessions of a rat

Yassamine Mather gives her judgement on an extraordinary talk and subsequent BBC interview with the former governor of the notorious Evin prison

Hierarchy of automation

Michael Roberts discusses Daron Acemoglu’s warning that artificial intelligence will be used to flatten living standards and increase capital’s profitability

Meloni’s antecedents

Toby Abse reviews David Broder Mussolini’s grandchildren: fascism in contemporary Italy Pluto Press 2023, pp240, £17.99

Defending the right to oppress

Ian Spencer gives his take on the trial of the Shenstone Six after their militant protest against Elbit Systems

Online Communist Forum, Sunday June 4 5pm

Difficult times

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