WW archive > Issue 1436 - 30 March 2023

50:50 for 1.5°C?

Global warming looks set to continue for thousands of years, writes Eddie Ford. Yet not only are we still being sold pseudo-solutions like electric cars and carbon capture, but the government is still committed to sustaining the fossil fuel industry


Chauvinist; Which unity?; Proxy war; To be done

Against educational tsarism

In the wake of Ruth Perry’s tragic suicide, Paul Demarty demands an end to Ofsted tyranny and instead an education system based on need

A poisoned chalice

The SNP leadership election was a close-run thing. But what now for Humza Yousaf? Scott Evans looks at the diminishing options

Zhenotdel and its travails

In light of the ongoing Women, Life, Freedom protests in Iran, Anne McShane discussed with Yassamine Mather the lessons that can be drawn from the fight for women’s emancipation in post-revolutionary Russia

Creeping civil war

Georgia votes, classified papers and Stormy Daniels hush money. Daniel Lazare weighs up the chances of Donald Trump being paraded before the press in handcuffs

Speech is political

Gaby Rubin reports on a storm in a very small teacup that was actually about what has always been a central principle for communists

Looming defeat for Erdoğan

Esen Uslu looks ahead to the coming election that pits the centre-right against the incumbent Islamist‑nationalist right. But what about the Kurds and the fractured left?

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