WW archive > Issue 1433 - 09 March 2023

Bakhmut is hell on earth

Both sides seem determined to send ever greater numbers into the human meat-grinder. The battle owes more to symbolism than strategic calculation, writes Eddie Ford


Sectionalism; New nadir; Confusion; Oppressed nation; DSA’s future; SWP and Zionism; Majority, not 3.5%

Now it’s Ukrainians

The Nord Stream story continues to grow ever more complex and strange. Daniel Lazare attempts to cut through the confusion

Tailism cannot deliver

By clearing away misconceptions and starting from our common class interests we can produce a workable approach. Mike Macnair concludes his series

Upholding the free speech principle

This statement has been issued in response to an exclusion by the Unofficial Weekly Worker Readers’ Group on the grounds of ‘transphobic’ speech

Stupidity and score-settling

What was Matt Hancock thinking about when he handed a vast trove of WhatsApp messages over to a notoriously mercenary journalist? Paul Demarty looks over the ‘lockdown files’

Made for each other

Kevin Bean looks beyond Tory faux outrage about Sir Keir appointing Sue Gray as chief-of-staff, and asks what it means for the prospects of the official left

A tale of two phrases

What did Marx mean by the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’? Marc Mulholland thinks the answer is closely bound up with ‘permanent revolution’

Weapon-grade talks

Tehran has adopted a conciliatory stance over uranium enrichment and severe punishment for those responsible for poisoning schoolgirls. Yassamine Mather reports

We can do it!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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