WW archive > Issue 1425 - 12 January 2023

Going spare

With the British establishment suffering a collective conniption, Paul Demarty says we republicans owe a small debt to the Californian prince


Split decision; Ratzinger; Crap project; Iron wall; Mainstream; Headline rant; For the bird

Taking the next step

The government has no clear strategy. However, to fight back we need more than trade union militancy, argues Kevin Bean

Strategy, turns and dangers

Run by a self-appointed elite, XR has ‘quit’ the tactic of disruption, much to the disapproval of the SWP. Eddie Ford comments

Free-trade imperialism

Mike macnair reviews Promised lands: the British and the Ottoman Middle East by Jonathan Parry (Princeton University Press 2022, 453pp)

Great American breakdown

As far-right control of the US Congress promises slash-and-burn austerity, Daniel Lazare calls for rejection of the existing constitution and a constituent assembly to establish a real democracy

Talking peace, preparing for war

Syria is not only still wrecked, but still divided. Esen Uslu reports on the tripartite negotiations and their significance

Play your part

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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