WW archive > Issue 1418 - 10 November 2022

Trump’s bubble bursts

The Republicans’ red wave turned into a ripple. With results still coming in, Daniel Lazare gives his assessment of the US midterms and their likely effects


Genetic nonsense; DNA politics; Zionist support; Elephant; Dreadful; Not political?; Better offer?

Highway to misery

The Tories are coming after us again with ‘Austerity 2.0’, writes Eddie Ford. But resistance is mounting in the form of increased strike action

Memory wars - Part II

In the second of three articles marking the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Jack Conrad explores the rival parties, class blocs and the differences that separated Trotsky from Lenin

Twitter year zero

What the hell is Elon Musk up to? Paul Demarty reads the tea leaves and spills the beans

Fraudulent scheme

With the moral panic over the migrant ‘invasion’ in full swing, Dominic Raab’s bill rises from its bier. Mike Macnair separates the ‘dignified’ and ‘efficient’ parts

Far right triumphs

Tony Greenstein refuses to shed a tear for the virtual disappearance of the hypocritical Zionist ‘left’. They provided cover for Israel’s racism and kept alive the bogus two-state solution

Turbocharging Zionist colonialism

Negotiations to form a far-right coalition are still ongoing, but there can be no hiding Netanyahu’s victory. Moshé Machover locates the drift to the right in the Zionist project itself

General election now?

Much of the left is tailing Sir Keir and the liberal media in promoting the poison of presidentialism. Kevin Bean presents the republican alternative


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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