WW archive > Issue 1416 - 27 October 2022

Rishi’s one real god

What is this mysterious thing called ‘the market’ that proposes and disposes of prime minsters? Paul Demarty looks at what controls the controllers


Bad faith?; Trotskyist?; Inexplicable; Understanding; Labour dead; Republic

Tories in a hole

Rishi Sunak may have been crowned by MPs, writes Eddie Ford. But he faces a near impossible task of uniting his chronically divided party, let alone solving the economic crisis

Cold war set to heat up

Michael Roberts expects a turn to self-reliance, urges less reliance on the capitalist sector and calls for democratic planning

War intensifies at home

Having defied midterm gravity for months, the Democrats are back to self-destruction. Daniel Lazare reports on the latest legal move against Donald Trump

Performative anti-fascism

With the far-right Fratelli d’Italia forming a government in Italy, the SWP warns of the danger, but calls for … street protests. Mike Macnair offers a critique

Follow the leader

How did the original adherents of a fierce critic of capitalism end up praising rightwing nationalism? Paul Flewers gives the lowdown on a strange journey

Give up on Starmer’s party

Dave Vincent reviews Ten years hard Labour by Chris Williamson (Lola Books, 2022, pp406)

Welcome to Britaly

Because it is in steep decline, the British capitalist class has lost control over what is now a fractious, incompetent and thoroughly corrupt Conservative Party. Not a few are looking to Labour for salvation, reports Kevin Bean

£650 in five days!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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