Vim and vigour

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

Comrades, we are now getting into the nitty-gritty of this year’s £30k Summer Offensive - our annual fundraising drive that, amongst other things, provides the wherewithal for our annual school, Communist University.

Last week the total raised was still a little short of the halfway mark - £14,255 towards the target. This week, we cleared that annoying hurdle and moved into the sunny uplands of £15,000‑plus. We currently have £15,840 in our coffers.

From previous years, we know that with a little vim and vigour the tempo of the donations will rapidly accelerate once Communist University actually begins (this year it is August 13-20: ie, starting this weekend!). We don’t go into purdah when CU starts, because the debates, polemics and challenging ideas it produces generate income and solidarity donations, as the event inspires and motivates many comrades. And a reminder - £30k is our minimum target. There is no obligation to slam on the brakes if we hit the target early!

Leader of the pack this week is comrade PM, who has donated a tremendous £1,000 to the party’s coffers. Serial contributors YM and JB gave us £150 and £200 respectively, while comrades GR, MF and SM contributed £135 between them.

And remember, comrades! All the info you need for the Communist University - the pricing, speakers, timetabling, etc - is on the CU website

Linda Carr