Ticking Over

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

Given Covid, and the lockdowns it entailed, we always knew that this Summer Offensive - our annual finance drive - would be a tight one. That said, our comrades are keeping the party’s finances ticking over.

This week for example, the SO went into a bit of a dip. This is not surprising given the tremendous boost of £6,155 our comrades stumped up the week before. Like the rest of today’s left, the social pool we draw our members and supporters from is overwhelmingly proletarian. Contrary to the more lurid rumours that circle among some of our opponents out there, CPGB billionaires are in short supply - trust us, we’ve looked.

Well done to comrade MM, who helped make the total much more robust-looking with a very welcome £1,000. Regular contributor JC sent a sturdy £145 and his namesake - JC - pipped him at the post with a very welcome £150. Also welcome was the contribution of our international comrade AMc who passed on £126 to help us on our way.

And welcome to ML, who has opened his account in this year’s SO with £100.

Thanks to all comrades who have stumped up cash this week to keep our money drive moving forward and to those who have promised to contribute in the near future.

Our total for this week stands at £1,521, giving us an overall number of £12,176.

Many thanks! With comrades’ support we’re on our way!

Linda Carr