Keep up the pace

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

Many thanks to all the comrades who have donated to our Summer Offensive fundraising drive so far. Particularly generous has been comrade SK for his eye-watering £2,636; additionally, there’s comrade JC for a no-nonsense £755 and PM’s £582, not to mention YM, who has covered the costs of the technical and logistical hires that make our forthcoming Communist University possible - a total of £1,662 from this comrade alone.

Since last week, our comrades have raised a £6,155 - a tremendous boost to our target of £30,000. This - added to the £4,500 we already had in the coffers - should bolster comrades’ confidence immensely. We have smashed through the 10k barrier and should be confident we are well on our way to that £30k target. But no complacency, comrades! Keep up the pace!

Linda Carr