WW archive > Issue 1377 - 06 January 2022

Disarray over abortion

Anne McShane looks at the right’s assault on abortion in the US, the DSA’s abstentionism and the shameful record of what still passes for the left


Unrealisable; Stalin socialism; Learn lessons; Punishment; Possibility; Reconciliation

Failed with flying colours

Contemporary US capitalism has shown a complete inability to renew itself through reform, argues Jim Creegan

Creating a carnival of reaction

James Harvey looks at how and why the island of Ireland was partitioned one hundred years ago

Epstein saga continues

With Andrew Windsor embroiled in the scandal, with Ghislaine Maxwell facing years in jail, with the possibility of top names being named, Paul Demarty searches for the roots of bourgeois depravity

Factory of falsehoods

Moshé Machover slams the hypocrisy of an Israeli aggressor state demanding sympathy as a victim state

Self-declared heretic replies

Tony Greenstein insists that the merging of LAW and LIEN is precisely the ‘twin-track’ approach that Jack Conrad advocates

Red, young and programmed

Ties van den Bogaard introduces Rood (Red), its struggle against an anti-socialist witch-hunt and its recently adopted programme

We’re back!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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