WW archive > Issue 1337 - 04 March 2021


Superb; Tunnel to unity?; Omission; Capitulation; Free speech; New-style fascism; Union failure; Jigsaw

Looking beyond the pandemic

Covid-19 continues to cause huge problems, but it has also forced us to adopt new methods. Vernon Price reports on the openings, contributions and elections

Unionist wishful thinking

The Salmond-Sturgeon rift has given hope to anti-independence forces, writes Paul Demarty. But the national question is not so easily dealt with

Be afraid, be very afraid

Gaby Rubin looks at the implications of the decision to deny Shamima Begum her British citizenship

Expensive, dangerous, unnecessary

The solution to global warming does not rely on going over to nuclear power and a thousand Sizewell Cs - an accelerationist delusion, argues Eddie Ford

A central driver

The unchanging constitution no longer ensures stability: quite the reverse. As shown by the January 6 attempted coup, it brings instability. Daniel Lazare defends his long held position

No theory, please - we’re Labour

Activism, never mind the politics: unfortunately this just about sums up the general approach. James Harvey reports

SUPPLEMENT: Reclaim the festival

It is not enough to bemoan the corporate feminists for usurping International Women’s Day, writes Anne McShane. We must show that socialism is a real alternative

SUPPLEMENT: Women’s Day established

March 8 2021 marks 110 years since International Women’s Day was first commemorated by the working class movement. What follows is what we believe to be the first English translation of a report of the 1910 International Socialist Congress of Women in Copenhagen, which passed the resolution to establish the event as a regular feature in the international socialist calendar.

Not a moment too soon

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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