WW archive > Issue 132 - 29 February 1996

Communists and the Socialist Labour Party

Should partisans of the working class shape the SLP or attack it from the sidelines?


Alternative view; Severing links; Self-appointed task; LRCI capitulation

A conduit to party

Party notes

Workers and the state of the nation

SE London SA launch

Movement of the class

Danny Hammill reports on last week’s CPGB aggregate

Revolutionary republicanism

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group (faction of the SWP) challenges Paul Cockshott's understanding of the democratic revolution

Debating the SLP

No more Black Fridays

From 'The Workers’ Weekly', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, February 19 1926

Communists and the SLP

Bob Smith - For a Permanent Party Polemic Committee

Stalin, Khrushchev, left and right

Workers Press Conference

Communist press

USA rattles sabre at Cuba

Thatcherism vs Scargillism

The miners’ Great Strike of 1984-5 pitted the reorganised Tories against the syndicalistic politics of Scargill. Our class must learn the vital lessons from this titanic clash

Loyal servants of imperialism

Tory and Labour speak with one voice

IRSP warning

Scottish Councils should resign or fight

Dockers’ solidarity

In brief


In brief

Jobs not Job Seekers Allowance

In brief

Justice for David Ewin

In brief

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