WW archive > Issue 131 - 22 February 1996

Asylum bill attacks all workers

This weekend thousands rally in London against the Immigration and Asylum Bill. We need to sweep away not only this measure, but all immigration controls


Fostering illusions?; Political undead ; Fascist self-determination?; Excellent start; Right to picket

Fighting spirit

Party notes

Timex strike remembered

Three years on

Corrupt system limps on

Failing the test


Communist press

Mortal wound?

Wasted labour

Eddie Ford reviews 'The Communist Party of Great Britain: a historical analysis to 1941' by Andrew Murray (Communist Liaison, 1995, pp106)

Civil service gets a squeeze

From 'The Workers’ Weekly', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, February 19 1926

Weekly Worker retreat

Bob Smith - For a Permanent Party Polemic Committee

Disillusion in Russia

Open differences

Last Sunday Open Polemic held its conference on communist fragmentation and social democracy. Danny Hammill reports

For a communist third force

Dave Craig from the RDG on the way forward for communist unity

SLP comes to Glasgow

“Getting the ear of the class”

Anne Murphy spoke to Wally Kennedy, Militant Labour councillor in Hillingdon which has recently gained another ML councillor, Julia Leonard

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