WW archive > Issue 1259 - 12 July 2019

Time to reorient

With talk of prorogation and an ‘alternative parliament’, writes Eddie Ford, a constitutional crisis is looming.


Momentum; Vermin in ermine; Climate Solutions; Substandard; Corbyn Switches; Pseudo-writings; Nazi Greens; Capitalist twins; New Technology; Slyer liar; Keep it up

Squandering the Legacy

SPEW is severing its ties with the PCS leadership - because of its political errors, argues Paul Demarty

Witch-hunt's biggest victim

Chris Williamson has dared question the claim that Labour has become institutionally anti-Semitic under Jeremy Corbyn, writes Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists. Now he is likely to be expelled for this crime.

Corbyn, Tehran and fake news

Yassmine Mather shows that the mainstream media have little or no regard for the truth

Learn the lessons

Rather than attempting to run capitalism, argues Peter Manson, in current circumstances we must aim to build Marxist parties of extreme opposition

Completing the vicious circle

Michael Roberts recalls the disastrous policies of the Syriza government

Turkey’s arms industry is on a war footing - High-risk foreign adventures

Erdoğan has been engaging in lavish military spending despite the poor state of the economy, reports Esen Uslu

From bailout to Brexit

The Dublin government sees its future with mainland Europe, not an insular UK, writes James Harvey

Helping hands

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