Campaign against immigration checks and asylum bill

In brief

Peace and goodwill to all people - unless you are Peter Lilley, that is. His plan to deprive asylum seekers of benefits has been described by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants as the “most shocking proposals” they have ever seen. If implemented, between 8,000 and 14,000 asylum seekers would immediately be made homeless. Lilley’s proposals would amount to an attempt to “starve people” out of Britain.

Lilley certainly means business. The parliamentary order to implement the proposals was to go through the Commons without any scrutiny or discussion, which would have seen Lilley’s proposals come into effect on January 8. However, the opposition parties managed to force a debate on the issue and hence postpone the new rules.

Westminster Council is not very happy with the proposals. Not because it is concerned about the well-being of asylum seekers - it just does not want to foot the bill. Communists say that all asylum seekers should have the right to stay.

Eddie Ford