WW archive > Issue 1209 - 28 June 2018

A health service worthy of the name

As the NHS approaches its 70th anniversary, James Linney calls for a radically new approach


Backwardness; Red herrings; The way forward; Socialist USSR

The bad old days

Are we going back to the 1930s? Tony Blair says this scenario “no longer seems far fetched”. But will Donald Trump save us? Paul Demarty thinks not

Mistaken versions of Maoism

Two books on intersectionality reviewed: 'How we get free: black feminism and the Combahee River Collective' by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (Haymarket, 2017, pp191, £9.70) and Asad Haider's 'Mistaken identity: race and class in the age of Trump' (Verso, 2018, pp132, £9.90)

Age of Aquarius

The Lega has celebrated its gains in local elections by stepping up its attacks on migrants and Roma, with the complicity of M5S, writes Toby Abse

US ramps up the pressure

Principled left says no to regime change from above. Yassamine Mather gives them critical support

An elected sultan

Erdoğan’s ‘fair and square’ election victory will not result in stability, writes Esen Uslu

Vulnerable to a major slump

The consolidation of Erdoğan’s rule and the intensification of repression cannot prevent the impending economic crisis, writes Michael Roberts

Compounding the mistake

No-one should be congratulated for the ‘Anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ witch-hunt in the Labour Party, says David Shearer

The party we need

Peter Manson is getting into the swing of this year's fundraising drive

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