WW archive > Issue 1158 - 08 June 2017

Left should not stand on sidelines

Help defeat the Blairite right by winning all unions to affiliate to Labour, urges Peter Manson


Dogma; Merry-go-round; Vote Corbyn; No support; What we need

No victory for progress

The new taoiseach is anything but progressive, writes Anne McShane. He opposes abortion and women’s rights

Self-deception and apologetics

The AWL cannot bring itself to condemn imperialist interventions in principle, writes Mike Macnair

A forgotten strategist

Ben Lewis introduces Karl Kautsky’s article of April 1917

Prospects of the Russian Revolution

Kautsky saw the events of spring 1917 as having a global significance. Even though now a renegade, he was still capable of considerable foresight

Growth for the sake of growth

US withdrawal from the Paris agreement demonstrates a contempt for the future of the planet. However, Eddie Ford argues that only socialism, not capitalist techno fixes, can prevent ecological degradation

So much for the ‘Arab Nato’

What lies behind the Saudi-Qatar split? Yassamine Mather investigates

Difficult times ahead

Macron appears to be hankering after some form of Gaullist rule. But what of the left? René Gimpel looks at the programmes, prospects and divisions in the run-up to the June 18 elections

Bitter taste of victory

Can Ukip recover from its present decline? Paul Demarty thinks not

Strange publicity

Robbie Rix welcomes a bump in readership, but wants a bump in donations

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