WW archive > Issue 1125 - 06 October 2016

Caving in to the witch-hunt

The targeting of Jackie Walker is a disgrace, writes Tony Greenstein


Answer this; Challenges; Active boycott; Dexit; Tormentable; Low-key; Esoteric

Turbulence ahead

All the indications are that the global economy is heading for big trouble, writes Michael Roberts

Fancy helping?

Be a hero, suggests Robbie Rix

The period of transition

What does it mean to say that capitalism is in decline? Hillel Ticktin analyses the characteristics of the final stage

Going into overdrive

On the one hand, the Morning Star is supporting Jeremy Corbyn completely uncritically, writes Peter Manson. On the other, it claims the real action is ‘on the streets’

Opening shots of next election

Paul Demarty looks at Theresa May’s conversion to red Toryism

Overthrowing a false prophet

Jack Conrad reviews: Chris Knight, 'Decoding Chomsky', Yale University Press 2016, pp285, £18.99

Syrian disaster

The strategy of allying with the enemy of one’s enemy has plagued the Kurdish opposition for decades. But it is a road to nowhere, writes Yassamine Mather

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