We need a brand new clause four

The battle with the right is sure to intensify after Corbyn’s re-election. As part of that battle James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists calls for the adoption of new principles

When Jeremy Corbyn is officially declared winner once again, a thorough-going review of our constitution surely ought to be put on the agenda. Understandably, clause four - agreed in 1918 and then rewritten under Tony Blair in 1995 - has been singled out by many. It carries totemic status for partisans both of the right and left.

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Russia is not about to invade

Eddie Ford does not want British armed forces ‘fit’ for fighting a world war - instead they should be replaced by a people’s militia

Best on the left

Robbie Rix celebrates progress towards our target

Bernstein’s assault on ‘orthodoxy’

Marc Mulholland examines the revisionist attack on class politics and the three most important responses. Clearly this dispute was about more than ‘reform’ versus ‘revolution’

Strong on analysis, but …

Simon Wells reviews: Ian Angus, 'Facing the Anthropocene: fossil capitalism and the crisis of the Earth system', Monthly Review Press, 2016, pp280, £14.40

Snapping the olive branch

With Corbyn about to be re-elected as Labour leader, Paul Demarty despairs at talk of peace offerings

Where next for Farage?

It is clear that Ukip has no future beyond that of a protest party, writes Peter Manson

Don’t rely on imperialists

The US government and various rightwing groups have feigned concern for ‘human rights’ in both Argentina and Iran, writes Yassamine Mather

Three different approaches

The 1918 Fabian creation and 1959 alteration, the 1995 Blairite version, and the proposed new clause four drafted by Labour Party Marxists

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