Reinstate Ken Livingstone

Corbyn must fight back against Britain’s Cointelpro, urges Tony Greenstein

The late Phil Agee revealed in his book Inside the company1 how the CIA went around Latin America destabilising governments and parties it did not like. In American domestic politics there was a similar programme aimed at dissident and radical organisations known as Cointelpro (counter-intelligence program) - a series of covert projects conducted by the FBI that infiltrated, surveilled and disrupted domestic political organisations.

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Jellyfish Jez; Really Palestine; Genuine debate; Party or bust; Dementia; Illusions

Elephant in the room

While the Labour left is under attack, writes Eddie Ford, why is there no criticism of Zionism?

Vote Galloway

The following CPGB statement was issued prior to the May 5 election

A shameful retreat

It is time the Labour leadership realise that no amount of grovelling will spare them nightmares like the ‘anti-Semitism’ smear scandal, argues Paul Demarty

Zionism and anti-Semitism

This interview with Israeli communist and Weekly Worker writer Moshé Machover was conducted by the Croatian online publication Slobodni Filozofski

New federation put on hold

Cosatu rival is yet to get off the ground, reports Peter Manson

No substitute for politics

Is it really as simple as ‘social networks vs the hierarchies’? Yassamine Mather takes issue with Paul Mason

We approve

Let's keep things this way, for Robbie Rix's sake

A highly serviceable political weapon

Jack Conrad discusses Lenin and the ‘United States of Europe’ slogan

Weekly Worker 1105 is also available in PDF format